Day 29

Sunday before last at Access we talked about how Jesus was always using encouraging words towards others, and God’s plan for us to be ‘Encouraged Encouragers’ of other people. As I’ve tried to grow in that area in my life, I’ve been more purposeful about saying encouraging words to those I meet in our community.

Recently, I did a brief interview with a 3 TV reporter to give her some background on our dear friend, Kathleen. After the interview was over and the piece had aired, I thought about how challenging it must be for reporters dealing with all of the difficult stories they have to cover. And so I sent her an email as encouragement…

‘Thanks for taking the time today to come and find out more about the amazing person Kathleen is… and I pray that as you are out covering all the stories you do, that God would show Himself to you in ever greater ways through the good, the bad (and even the ugly) stories of the people who He loves so much.’

Not long after I got this response…

‘Thanks for the words of encouragement. I was just commenting on how I need a vacation from all the heavy news lately! I know that God has me right where He wants me.. I pray that my stories would minister to those involved as well as our audience, as the Holy Spirit guides. Please pray for my coworkers as well as others in this business, it can be a dark place.’ 

So sometimes when we are out there and trying to reach out and encourage those who don’t know Christ, we might inadvertently end up encouraging someone who is a Christ-follower, too! Either way, a little encouragement can go a long way in each of our lives, especially when we’re in those dark places…

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