Day 24


Dave, Tim, Matt, Tiffany, Cindy, Kecia, CJ,Jan, & Rance (not pictured:Kim)

Today was the second day of the Converge Church Conference, and what a tremendous time we had worshipping, laughing and learning from some of the most dynamic pastors/speakers in the country.

In the morning session, Pastor John Jenkins talked about the power of unity in God’s family. In the middle of the day, we all went to different breakout sessions, and learned about everything from leadership principals using social media to reach new people; from developing volunteers to creating momentum as a church. Then at break times, we’d come together and share with each other our biggest take-aways from each session. It was exciting listen to our leaders share their thoughts and ideas with renewed vision and passion!

The last main session of the day came from Reggie McNeal, perhaps the most influential voice in what has become known as the ’emerging’ or ‘missional’ church movement. First, we didn’t expect him to be as funny as he was. He probably spent half of the time just making us laugh!

But he also talked about some pretty powerful ideas, including one that especially resonated with me. And it was the idea of discovering an area of need within our community that becomes the primary   community outreach focus for our church family. Frankly, I’ve prayed that God would reveal to us what this is since before we even started our first meeting in a living room almost 2 years ago. And now, I sense that He is going to answer that prayer sometime soon.

A few of us are going to start making some phone calls and setting up some meetings with city leaders, educators and social service workers and see where God leads. Would you pray for the Father to reveal to us where He is at work in the area, so that we could join Him in what he is about to do next? And if you want to be a part of this, would you please comment and let me know!

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One Response to Day 24

  1. Kathy Cook says:

    Well, I wasn’t able to attend the conference, but I got a very excited and reliable report
    from my sweet daughter, Tiffany! I’m thrilled to see God working out His plan for
    ACCESS Church in this area of mission work…I will certainly pray for God’s direction as
    we focus on “our” calling for an ongoing mission ministry. Count us in!!

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