Day 22

As I sit at my laptop tonight, once again the words of Jesus come to me…Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.’  His words are simple and straightforward, and yet represent a total paradigm shift from the way we naturally think about living life. ‘Cause if I am honest about it, if I was going to put into words the way I naturally do life, it’s to ‘Seek first my own self-interests and selfish desires and  maybe  some other day I’ll think about God’s kingdom and righteousness.’  The main difference between these two ways of thinking is, Jesus’ way works… and my way doesn’t! Let me just tell you about how Jesus has demonstrated the truth of these words in my life recently…

There have been so many opportunities to connect with people in our community in the last several weeks, I haven’t had the time to write them all down. But a few weeks ago, as I was going around to local businesses and introducing myself to local owners and managers to see how we could encourage and support them, and one of the places I went into was Devney’s Dance Studio.

I talked for a few minutes to the girl behind the counter about the studio and the kinds of classes they offer (which I was genuinely interested in, because it’s already become obvious that Skylar was born to be a dancer!) I also handed her a flier about our Movie at the Park Series and said if the owner/manager was open to it, we could leave more fliers for the families that came in to learn about this community event.

Then, just as I was turning around and saying goodbye, I remembered something… I had met the owner of Devney’s last summer while doing some work over at Sunrise Mountain. And during that conversation, he had told me about some other buildings he owned that might work for a new church to rent. (I had actually looked at one last summer, but it just wasn’t time yet for that to work for us.) So I pulled a business card out of my wallet and left it at the desk, asking the girl to give it to the owner when he came in, thinking it would be good to touch base with him in person.

He called me back the next day, and after a few minutes of catching up, he mentioned that the building that he had showed me before as a potential home for Access was now about half the rental price as it was last summer! There was now more space available for children’s ministry as well. And now, after two weeks of meetings and conversations, things are currently progressing in a positive way towards the possibility of Access Church having a new space to call home sometime later this year!

There are a number of details still to work out, so we appreciate everyone’s prayers for God’s wisdom and leading for us at this time. But even if God shows us that He has an even better place for us, I’m still moved by the fact that this is how God works. That if we will just focus on what he has called us to… seeking first His Kingdom…building up his church (which is people) then he adds everything else that we need in His own amazing ways.

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