Day 21

What a great morning at Access Church as we connected with each other, worshipped God, and were encouraged by the words of Christ! This morning, we were reminded that we serve a God of encouragement, and we can see that demonstrated over and over again through the encouraging, life-giving words of Jesus. And we recognized that when we are encouraged in our relationship with him, we can’t keep it inside, we are going to be moved to turn around and find ways to encourage others. In other words, we will be ‘Encouraged Encouragers!

And in perhaps the most encouraging moment of all, two more people indicated a decision that they had invited Jesus to come into their lives as their Forgiver and Leader. The Bible tells us that the angels celebrate over one lost person who becomes found  and we were celebrating along with them this morning!

After all of this, a number of our team leaders got to go and look at a potential rental space just down the road from Sunrise Mountain. It was exciting to talk together, dream together and pray together we as looked over the location. We’ll be praying and processing a lot more over the next week or so, and we are encouraged by the fact that God has brought us to a place where we can even be considering  having a building  to call home!

So after a few hours of being there (some of our folks hung out a long time!) I was getting ready to head out, when I met a man out in the lobby who was waiting for his son to get out of drama rehersal. As we talked, we found out that we both had large families, we both had children who we had adopted and both of us had one of our children in Hope Kids, an organization for families with kids who have life-threatening illnesses. 

As you can imagine, these things gave us plenty to talk about! But after a while, the man turned the conversational corner and said, ‘So, tell me about your church.’ (He had been talking to some of our Access folks and so he know about our church.)

So I gave him the 5 minute version of our history, including our mission of inviting people to become fully-surrendered followers of Christ and our vision of being a church where everyone is welcomed, changed and needed. When I was done, he communicated that he used to be very involved with a church in the past, but for some years he hadn’t really gone.

And of course I said, ‘Well, then I want to invite you to come to Access! Hope you can come sometime soon.’ He said, ‘I don’t know, I’m just not interested in church any more- it’s so insitutional.’ So I said, ‘I know, but that’s not the church that we try to be…’ And with that, I shared a little more about the great people of Access and more about the kind of church that we a becoming.

By the time we were wrapping up our talk,  he said, ‘Do you have a card or something?’ So I gave him a card and a Movie Under the Stars flier, and he said that he would probably end up bringing his family, sooner rather than later. Yeah God!

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2 Responses to Day 21

  1. Oma Jean Mecomber says:

    Praise God. Talk about an encourager that is you Rance. You encourage each of us to go out there and talk, to plant more seeds and encourage more people to at least take a look at Access. Thanks

    • Thanks Oma! But you know, I’ve been encouraged by so many people this week, I feel like I get more than I give. I guess that’s just the cool thing about being in God’s family, isn’t it?

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