Day 20

On a beautiful spring day like today, you just had to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, which Kecia and I did with our three youngest daughters. We had received a flier about a big community fair over at the Sunrise Mountain Library with all sorts of cool stuff to do for the kids, so amidst the squeals of little girls, we climbed in the car and headed over.

Once we got there, there was one thing after the other for the kids to do. First it was the bounce houses. Then it was the reptile exhibit. Then some hamburgers and hotdogs over at the grill followed by some ice cream. Then on the way back to the bounce houses again (don’t know if that was the best idea after eating lunch…) I a saw a booth staffed by the Peoria Fire Department…

Some time ago, I remember becoming aware that city organizations like the fire and police department do a lot of community and charity work. And I thought, ‘What if instead of just doing out own service projects, what if we found out what volunteer opportunities the fire and police departments had instead and helped to get them done?

So I walked over to the booth and met a fireman named Tim, who just happened to be the head of Fire and Life Safety Education for the city of Peoria. I introduced myself and told him that I had heard of the community projects that the fire department does, and asked if there was anything that they needed help with. Tim said there were some things that he could think of that a church group like our could be involved with, and that he’d love to talk more about it. So we exchanged cards, and I’m now planning on calling him in the next few days to get more specifics on how we can serve.

Now, I don’t know if they’re going to need any volunteer firefighter (although I think this would be like the coolest thing ever), but they definitely need help doing some things, and I can’t wait to find out how we can be involved. So, as always, if you’re interested in helping out, just comment on today’s posting and I’ll connect with you when I know more…

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2 Responses to Day 20

  1. dennis upton says:

    Rance this is just a reminder about bringing water to the homeless under the bridge. Give me a call at 623-572-0342 so we can set up a time.
    WED does not work for me as I will be witha friend who is undergoing surgery.
    Dennis Upton

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