Day 14


Today was another great worship experience at Access Church! And with it came the reminder for me that Jesus continues to meet needs today, just as he did over 2,000 years ago…

In Worship…Jesus met out needs to experience him and to give him praise

In the Word… we came to see that Jesus not only cares about the big needs in our lives, he loves us so  much He even cares about the small stuff

In Prayer…we saw another person enter into God’s family as they received Christ as their Forgiver and Leader

In Serving… as our church family set-up, and showed hospitality, and welcomed people, and taught children, and lead worship and ran tech and tore everything down again- we experienced the fulfillment of using our gifts to build up the Body of Christ

And in our Core Meeting… after the service we had time for celebrating some ‘Yeah God’ moments in which people shared how Jesus had recently met needs in their lives for:

  • New jobs
  • Restored health
  • A new place to live
  • Answered prayer
  • Deeper relationships
  • And more…

Jesus, thank you for being the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and for continuing to deliver on your promise, that as we focus on meeting other people’s needs and building your kingdom, ‘Everything else (i.e. all of our needs) will be added unto us!’

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2 Responses to Day 14

  1. Kathy Cook says:

    Sunday was definitely a “Yeah God” day!! I love our church family!!

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