Day 6


Tonight was our ‘We Love Volunteers’ event at Access, where we got to express to those who serve so faithfully at our church how much we love and appreciate them. If the focus of this 30 Days is to look for needs and find ways to meet them, then I can think of no better example of a group of people living this out than the faithful volunteers at Access. Men and women who are continually following Christ’s example as they don’t ‘come to be served, but to serve.’  I am truly grateful to be able to serve alongside people who are so committed to carry out our mission to invite people to become fully-surrendered followers of Christ!

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3 Responses to Day 6

  1. It was a great time! But I look weird in that picture. Thank you to the folks at Horizon’s that served us!!!!! (And thank you church staff for thinking of us!)

  2. CJ Fischer says:

    Jen and I had a great time! It is so nice to be recognized for what you do. Huge thanks to Horizons for the facility and the volunteers to put this on.

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